1. Vindies37's Avatar
    Just made a switch from android to windows phone and I'm glad i did!

    Lumia 925 owner checking in!

    02-25-2014 10:55 PM
  2. Edward_g's Avatar
    That's great! Glad to meet you and enjoy your phone and the forum.
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    02-25-2014 10:58 PM
  3. k0de's Avatar
    Welcome. Excellent choice. Enjoy your new NL 925 This was also my choice when I made the switch.
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    02-25-2014 10:59 PM
  4. Vindies37's Avatar
    thanks guys!

    I'm having lots of fun with my 925 most specially with the camera. :) I don't have to carry my DSLR all the time (yes!)
    02-26-2014 06:25 AM
  5. Lance_WPCentral's Avatar
    Hi Vindies37, Welcome to WPCentral. Glad to hear you made a switch to WP. Have fun with you new L925 and enjoy your stay over here. :)
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    02-26-2014 06:35 AM
  6. DBDev's Avatar
    Welcome to WPCentral and Windows Phone! Glad you like it
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    02-26-2014 01:07 PM
  7. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Welcome aboard to WP central and the Windows phone experience.
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    02-28-2014 05:32 AM
  8. cknorthpole's Avatar
    Welcome to a better (off we think that), safer and a more beautiful OS with awesome Nokia hardware. Enjoy!
    Btw download wpcentral app from store I'd you haven't. Great app to keep you updated with news about WP, easy to post comments and follow up on threads.
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    02-28-2014 05:50 AM
  9. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Hello to you guys too!

    Go ahead and ask for help if you need some, we don't bite!
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    02-28-2014 07:04 AM
  10. multo's Avatar
    Welcome aboard. Enjoy your new phone
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    02-28-2014 08:32 AM
  11. Ed Boland's Avatar
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    02-28-2014 08:48 AM
  12. Kevin Rush's Avatar
    Greetings. Is photography a hobby or for work? Either way, I suggest you change the quality settings to upload the photographs as highest quality to OneDrive. Settings>Swipe left from right, to Applications>Photos +Camera>Auto Upload to SkyDrive (now OneDrive) Turned On> Best Quality.
    Enjoy the fast fluid modern goodness.
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    02-28-2014 09:23 AM
  13. luisfarelo's Avatar
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    02-28-2014 09:36 AM
  14. Vindies37's Avatar
    oh wow...thank so much for the warm welcome. geeeeeezzz!!! this makes my WP experience even better!!! thank you all so much! I'm overwhelmed :)

    @cknorthpole... i did download it but haven't purchased it yet. one question though... if I purchase it, will it enable me to log in to WPC forums via my microsoft account? cant seem to log in using my microsoft account via the app

    @kevin... photography is basically a hobby for me and I really love the images produced by the 925. Its an awesome phone and I guess I'd be sticking with this phone for quite a while...unless they release a better one here in south east asia :)
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    02-28-2014 09:35 PM
  15. Vindies37's Avatar
    Now I got it. Finally able to log in. Its just a matter of searching through the forums. Silly me. 😊
    03-01-2014 02:56 AM
  16. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    thanks guys!

    I'm having lots of fun with my 925 most specially with the camera. :) I don't have to carry my DSLR all the time (yes!)
    Hi and welcome to WPCentral. Perhaps you might want to check out this thread. Maybe you might even have some pictures to share with us.
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    03-01-2014 02:59 AM
  17. Vindies37's Avatar
    Thanks Laura for the link

    I've already placed some of my snaps there :)
    03-02-2014 08:09 PM

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