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    UPDATE: the screen becomes unresponsive when receiving a notification (whatsapp for example), not all notifications make it unresponsive but some do. Still not sure a software issue or a new screen problem or simply incompatibility of screen with the software.

    recently, while changing the battery i accidentally broke the screen. Ordered new Nokia OEM screen on ebay and installed it myself.

    All went fine except that back arrow button on my Lumia 1520 does not respond in most cases and sometimes responds by clicking the back button twice even with a one gentle touch. Sometimes the scree stops responding entirely.

    Most awkward part is that soft-reset fixes the problem entirely for a day or two and then it occurs again.

    I am confused. Is this a software issue or hardware? I do not want to return the screen because of time it takes and shipping costs.

    any Tipps?
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