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I've been getting a random system hang when playing video games. The system will completely lock up and become unresponsive, and when it does this, often it's accompanied by a loud, screeching static that is heard through the headphones or speakers (whatever audio device is plugged in.) Sometimes the audio just buzzes, and in some occasions, all connected USB devices like keyboard and mouse lose power all at once.

I've run through the bucket list of solutions I could think of, and none of them have alleviated these issues. I'm still not entirely sure if this is a software or hardware issue.

If needed, I can post videos of what happens when my PC hangs.

Any help would be appreciated

PC Specs:

Windows Version 10 Pro Version 20H2 - Build 19042.1645
Intel i7-5820k @ 3.50 Ghz
1 TB Crucial SSD
64 GB of RAM - CT Ballistix DDR-4
Nvidia RTX 3060
Jun 9, 2021
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When it comes to what causes your computer freezing or crashing when playing games, the reasons can be various. Generally, it can be summarized as software issues, old drivers, corrupt files, hardware overheating, lacking hardware, viruses and malware… Sometimes it is very hard for you to tell from the exact reason. you can try the below solutions...

1. Update your drivers, Open device manager and check drivers for any update.

2. Run System File Checker, Open Command Prompt as admin and "sfc /scannow" hit enter on completion restart your computer.

3. Clear temp files from your computer, press windows key and R to open run dialog box type %temp% hit enter select all files in this folder and delete.

4. Check your system for virus and malware, Open windows defender look for scan options and select Windows defender offline scan. This will take 15 to 20 minutes and your computer will restart.

Hoping this will be helpful.

if this problem occurs in specific game then I suggest you to uninstall then reinstall this game.

Report this problem on "Feedback Hub".

Also see some hardware technician for hardware check...


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Jan 15, 2013
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I had this happen to me once. After eliminating a number of possible causes I discovered my RAM was under volted by the automatic settings of my motherboard. By changing that setting to manual and specifying the voltage the system hang went away in the game that caused it. Also depending on the age of the system the PSU could be at fault. I upgraded the GFX in that same system down the road to discover the PSU that I had used for quite a long time was the cause of system hangs as well. Because when I upgraded from a very old card to a near top of the line new card my guess was the increase in demand on the PSU, despite it's specs being capable, was the cause. With the new PSU things were fine again.

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