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    I've been trying to match some of the issues that people are having regarding the "sync" issue with music via Xbox music vs. Windows Phone App vs. Zune vs. Microsoft Media Player... So, after some long term testing I have some solutions for people to try...

    For Windows 7 Users - do not use any software besides Windows Media Player to sync media to the device. Simple, yes, and everything pulls over correctly - and you can edit most of the information for tracks and artwork right in the player on the PC. The Windows Phone Program for Windows 7 seemed to create issues from the start with syncing photos and movies. Music was even more disastrous. Use Windows Media Player - it will save serious headaches.

    For Windows 8 Users - If you upgraded, from Windows 7, continue to use your Windows Media Player. If you have a new PC, download and install the Windows Phone App from Microsoft. You can find the App at - Windows Phone app for desktop (Preview 3) | Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone How-to | Windows Phone (United States) - and make sure to check back often as they are still in beta. This will allow syncing to the device for music, photos, videos and ringtones.

    Do not use Xbox music at this point. If you feel like you need to or are an Xbox subscriber, I can't help you with the album art/storage issues because they appear to be based in the Xbox sync software - not in Windows Phone. The best work around for this is to sync your Xbox music account to the cloud and do the same with your device. I crashed out 2 memory cards trying to work out solutions to the sync issues and couldn't find a way to make it work. Videos also gave me problems after this.

    Once you have synced your device to a Windows 8 machine, do not try and use a second computer unless you are logged in to it and it contains the exact same media files as the primary. What happened when I synced to a second computer is all of the content from the first was erased from the device and about 50% of the new content could not be found (that 80000003 error code we all love to see). When I reset the device and plugged it back in to the 2nd computer, all content synced perfectly.

    So, while it's not an in-depth technical study, it did prove that most of the errors that are happening with the 810 are software based on the computer end. If you are having trouble syncing from a computer, hard reset the phone - format the memory card (this will set up the Camera Roll, Music and Video folders) and do either of the following - use Windows Media Player to sync via cable or via SD card - or use the Windows Phone Desktop App via cable. If you use the desktop App, make sure you switch storage to your SD card...
    04-30-2013 06:01 PM
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    I am working on a guide for Xbox Music and may reach out to you about it. I have it working pretty darn good now. Mind you I subscribe and use the match to cloud feature. Having my entire library available on all my devices however is fantastic. What I have found out boils down to simply don't sync, it's not needed when running Windows 8 on the device all your music is stored on.
    04-30-2013 10:17 PM

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