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    Had to call all the stores in my area but finally found a cyan 900 :)

    The phone is beautiful and sturdy... there are some small issues but nothing that cant be fixed with firmware updates...

    This is a green dot model but still recieved an update which makes me think there is more to the update then first thought..

    There is definitely a scrolling difference between Samsung Focus and the 900 ... not sure which I prefer.. but its very slight ...

    The audio sensitivity could be tweaked a bit... for example setting the phone to volume of 1 on the external speaker is really no different than 5 ... but on headphones there is an obvious difference between 1 and 5 . Also the keyboard button seems not match external speaker volume in other words notifications are clear but keyboard clicks are barely audible... not sure how to explain that... I will say the external speaker is bad A$$ ! Clear and loud ! Me likes !

    The screen blows the amoled screen on the focus away ! And I have never seen a screen so clear in sunlight... truly beautiful !

    Camera button ... no issue phone off or on or otherwise

    Volume with phone off no problem there

    Camera in general is good IMO but then I own a DSLR if I want a better photo :) I did however try the camera and didnt realize there was a plastic protection cover over the lens... LOL 28mm is pretty wide angle as well.. which I find pretty different from other camera phones

    Vibrate/Rattle eh buzz is more like it ?.. Definitely the AF lens

    Battery life... not sure yet

    FFC impressive is all I can say...

    I dont see anything that is a show stopper... I will say it would be nice to have some of this addressed :)
    04-19-2012 10:01 AM