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    I thought I would start a thread that people could post their first impressions on Windows Phone 8. First off, let me say I would be considered a Microsoft fanboy. I worked for Microsoft for 17 years andI am an early adopter of everything they release. I am typing this on a Surface. So normally I would defend Microsoft with my dying breadth. unfortunately I really can't with this product. I got a Lumia 920 yesterday and here are my thoughts.

    • Very easy to set up
    • great integration with facebook and linkedin
    • Most of what I loved about WP7 is still in WP8.
    • Turn by Turn app of Nokia maps is great.
    • I like the new weather app from the weather channel.
    • While it is nice to have little tiles, I find that I don't use them.

    • Music. I am a huge user of Zune and Iove it. I use lots of playlists. I used the new "beta" music download, and it is a disaster. One of my playlists has 300 songs on it, after the conversion and download to xbox music only 29 songs made it to my phone. I own all the songs, so it is not a drm issue. The music management is a disaster. They should have just rebranded he Zune client. Instead they have just pissed off the small group of fans they did have. This is the first time I have ever considered switching all my music to I-tunes.
    • Maps. While the Nokia turn by turn map is cool, I really miss my Bing maps. It was great to see the traffic with one click. Now, with the Nokia maps you have to go to layers, and I guess it only shows red in the bad areas. Just like music, they had something right and screwed it up.
    • Size. The 920 is HUGE. I have the red one and it is very slippery. The size and the slickness makes it hard to use with one hand for me.
    • Weight: This phone is very heavy!!
    • SiriusXM App: What happened to the Siriusxm app in the store? I can listen to Sirius on my WP7 phone with my app.

    I am on vacation, and will use this phone for another week, but my initial reaction is that I will be taking this phone back and going back to my WP7.
    11-17-2012 07:56 AM

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