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    My local AT&T store had a white one and a red one on display but they were dummy phones. It didn't matter much because the store was out of stock anyway. They told me they had a white one and a black one coming in this week. That's right, TWO phones that they could guarantee coming in. That was pretty sad. She offered to order one for me but I declined.

    Anyway, I asked the clerk if she had a 920 herself so I could check it out but she said no. A lady standing next to me (a customer) asked me which phone I wanted to see and I said the 920, so the lady goes: "Oh, you can check out mine!" I was like, "Great!" I start checking it out. It was white with a white/blue case. She had no security on her phone so I went directly to the Start screen which is something I was looking forward to see. First thing I noticed was that the screen resolution looked okay but not great, probably because she had one of those crappy matte screen protectors. Then I noticed all the tiles were medium size. I thought "Hmmm, why doesn't she take advantage of the 3 tile sizes?" I scratched my head for a little bit and then I noticed the gutter arrow...

    The lady had a 900, not the 920. Doh!

    The store clerk, who really couldn't see the phone from my perspective, said something like "See? Now you've checked it out. Come back and see us when we get more phones!"

    I never told the customer nor the clerk that it was the 900 :P.

    Whatever, right? The first time I see a 920 in action might be my own. I'm waiting for this Friday to see if Amazon does a penny or dollar sale. I want the yellow, even if I have to wait.
    11-20-2012 07:32 PM
  2. jordanjs's Avatar
    Ha! Yeah, it's annoying when stuff like that happens - not being to demo a piece of electronics you really want to buy. Sorry to hear you didn't get one. Good luck with getting yellow. I'm holding out for red myself...
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    11-21-2012 12:05 AM

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