1. TechnoGuru's Avatar
    Posted in the bug/defect thread too:

    Using the camera button to launch the camera and take pictures this weekend in sleep mode (not logged in or using the camera icon to launch) Took about 20-30 photos using this method. I was able to take the picture and review them just fine. Suddenly the phone does a reboot (first time ever), and when I went into look at the photos in the library, all of them were gone. I lost some amazing shots. The images did not upload to Skydrive either...gone!

    I tried some of the recovery methods I found to no avail.

    Anyone else randomly lose photos?

    12-02-2012 10:10 AM
  2. WPenvy's Avatar
    That happened to me with my Focus if i took photos and then somehow made the phone lose power. Wasn't amused at all.
    12-02-2012 12:39 PM