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    Hey guys,

    im not sure whether some of you already did that, but I thought it might be a good idea to post this after reading several persons complaining about "dull pictures" on their Lumia 925 and too much of post processing after taking the shot.

    Always keep in mind "its not the cameras fault, its the person behind the camera".
    So what I did, I ran I quick (non scientific) ISO Test on my Lumia Device, you can see the result below (I fixed white balance to ensure equal results) . First of all:
    Doesn't matter which ISO Setting the camera chooses, the preview image before taking the shot, always shows how the shot would look like with ISO100, at least this is what I believe. Therefore, after taking the shot, the real picture has its ISO set to a much higher value, which leads to a completely different image.

    Auto ISO gave me an ISO speed of 500, with 1/25th of a shutter speed, which, in this situation, was totally unnecessary. And this is something, my Lumia 925 does pretty frequently. It sets the ISO way to quick to 3200, just to ensure a stable image.
    However, thanks to the OIS, even pictures taken with 0.5 sec turn out to be pretty sharp. So unless you really need a faster shutter speed, the camera overreacts and sets the ISO automatically to its highest value. This is true, especially in low light situations.
    But also during daylight, where ISo100 or 200 would be appropriate, my Lumia sometimes chooses ISO400 or even ISO800, which is totally confusing for me.


    So as you see, ISO100 and 200 give perfectly clear images, without much processing.
    ISO400 is perfectly usable, however you see luminance noise. The lack of color noise pattern suggests, that Nokia is applying some color noise reduction, which leads to less saturated colors.
    ISO500, or Auto, continues this trend.
    ISO800 is, in my opinion, the highest ISO value I would use for taking a shot. I rather have a not 100% sharp picture than no colors at all. Color noise is heavily reduced at this point which leads to a high loss of saturation.
    ISo1600 and 3200 are not usable in my opinion, unless you really want to shoot in complete dark situations. The extremely heavy noise reduction leads to a almost complete lack of colors.

    Remember, the 925 has a F2 lens with OIS, you barely will really need to use above ISO800!

    I hope some of you will find this interesting and can finally enjoy the great camera! Unfortunately, the yellow tint is still visible from time to time, but at least the pictures turn out to be clear, sharp and with nice colors!
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    07-10-2014 07:14 AM
  2. Rodrigo Mendes's Avatar
    Yeah, i talked about it in Lumia 920 topic. After Black Update, the camera software tends to use High ISO, even when it not necessary.

    So what I do? I Always choose my ISO settings (I recommend 100 to 400 too) and use Exposure Compensation to adjust how bright I need and want in subject. UsuaIly need +0.3 or +0.7.

    That's the way to get really good and sharp pictures with Lumia after Black Update. In front camera or back camera, doesn't matter. But in front camera ISO really tends to be very high. ISO 1600 is really bad, 3200 should not even exist in options. There's no situation for it in these sensor used by smartphones.
    07-10-2014 10:00 AM

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