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    This clip is posted on the Fanpage Nokia Lumia FC, one of the most popular Lumia Fanpage and Windows Phone. In the 18sec video, Lumia 930 is in the bowl and dumped a bucket of ice cold water over it, as Ice Bucket Challenge, but with a Cell phone.


    Not equipped with water and dust resistance as Galaxy S5 or Xperia Z2, so this challenge is quite difficult for the representatives from Nokia. After first step, the Lumia 930 starts with the abnormal as Cortana virtual assistant automatically activated, then, the screen goes in Multi task. Fortunately, in the end of the challenge, It is still work although not be equipped with water resistant.

    Admin extend the challenge to others uch as Iphone 5s, HTC One M8, Galaxy Alpha and other Admins and ask them to either do the same or make a donation to an organization.

    This is not answer for the challenge of Galaxy S5 what is posted by SS UK. Because this clip was posted from 19/08. However, It shows 930 or Nokia's build quality make up for the lack of IP certification, but it still have alive.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm not surprised that the phone survived, such is the quality of the construction.
    Well done Nokia.☺

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    08-26-2014 06:22 PM

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