1. Alan3004's Avatar
    My 925 died last week and work have replaced it with a 930 and I'm really missing glance, especially when the phone is on the dock by my desk. As an alternative to glance is there a way to have the phone not turn off the screen when it is charging so I can at least see the lock screen with its notifications?


    04-30-2015 06:15 AM
  2. PsyOr's Avatar
    You better keep your screen off if you don't want a screen burn-in in this AMOshi-t screen.
    04-30-2015 03:05 PM
  3. P1ng0fDeath's Avatar
    don't try to do that, your screen will get horrible (and permanent) burn-in marks over time. If you really can't live without Glance, here are your options:

    1) buy the 830 or 640/640 XL - they all are recent launches and have Glance
    2) buy another 925 - not a very good idea at this point though, as the phone is a bit old now
    3) wait for a 940 and hope for the best
    04-30-2015 03:51 PM
  4. Alan3004's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't realized we were back in the days of CRT style burn in :s I certainly never had any issues with it on my 925 though which had glance set to show the clock whenever on charge.
    05-01-2015 03:23 AM
  5. P1ng0fDeath's Avatar
    Amoled/Oled screens (which the 925 and 930 have) are far more prone to burn in than LCD screens. Glance doesn't cause any burn in because the clock moves up and down the screen, so you'll always be fine with it on any phone. Leaving your screen on for too long with a static image (like your lockscreen to try to emulate Glance) will cause burn in after a while though.
    05-01-2015 10:55 AM

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