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    What's The Funniest Thing That Has Happened To You?

    My wife and I are still laughing about this and it was real recent.

    My wife and I were at the train station in Nice, France. My wife was looking through a few magazines at a News Stand, so I told her I was going to walk down to the Tram stop and wait for her. So I walked down to the Tram stop.

    While I was at the Tram stop, a man and a women, probably about 50, walked up to me and starting asking me questions about getting around and where a few things were. They were really struggling with their French, so I spoke slowly so they would understand me and I spent about 20 minutes answering their questions. Like I said, I was talking slowly so they would understand me.

    As the conversation ended, my wife arrived and walked up to me and said, why were you talking to them in French? I heard them talking at the train station and they speak English.

    LOL! I had no idea they could speak English. :D
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    They probably thought you were a foreigner as well. lol. That is funny. I guess that's probably the first thing I would have done is ask if they understand english. Mostly because I don't speak French though.
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    The funniest thing that happened to me was something that took place almost 25 years ago. I worked at the local library when I was in college. The library closed at 9 PM, but there were groups that rented meeting rooms that sometimes stayed until 10 or 11 PM. I was the only employee present during these late meetings, and I would escort the groups out the door, put away any audiovisual equipment that was used, and then arm the security alarm before leaving.

    One time the Ohio Highway Patrol gave a meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting I heard banging on the door just before I was about to arm the alarm and leave. The troopers left the keys to their patrol car in the ignition and locked the door. I let them back in the library. They asked me to look for a coat hanger. I found the coat hanger, and they attempted to break into their car unsuccessfully.

    Finally, after about 30 minutes of watching them struggling with the hanger, I told them I would call the local police department. I made the call and requested "an officer with a Slim Jim to pick the lock of a patrol car."

    The Highway Patrol officers turned beet red when the local cop showed up and picked the lock in a couple seconds.

    I wish I had a video camera to record that entire incident.

    My boss and coworkers were :lol: when I told them the story the next day.
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