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    I've been wanting to write this up for a little while now. I'm getting sleepy, and really need to head off to bed, but what the hey! (and i'm posting in off-topic, since I don't think it really fits well elsewhere.)

    This is NOT meant to start arguments, or flames, just looking for a serious discussion and opinions. So please don't argue

    I should start out by saying that my wife accuses me of having SmartPhone ADD (SpADD). In the past 2.5 years I've used BlackBerry, iOS (on an iphone 5), Android (Gingerbread, ICS, and Jelly Bean; devices included Galaxy S, GS3, and Note 2 among others), WP7.5 (HTC Radar), and now WP8 (Lumia 920). No, I'm not rich, just do a lot of trading here on the Mobile Nations network and on Craigslist.

    Deep down, I'm a BlackBerry guy. I know it sounds crazy these days. In fact, I'm surprised more "hipsters" don't use BlackBerry now, seeing as it's not 'cool' :) Personally I hate to see them going down the tubes. What always drew me to BB was the 'business/work orientation' of the platform. (no, I'm not one of the 'tools not toys' crowd either; I don't mind a few games here and there, or some Netflix)

    Email, calendar, tasks, and word/excel are the things I primarily use my phone for. And I'm finding that my Lumia is the BB replacement (for me, your mileage may vary). Here's why...

    When I tried iOS, and when I used Android, I found myself 'on' my phone a lot..and not just for work related things. I found myself getting distracted more frequently. Even going in to do something simple like look something up online to answer an email question, and ten minutes later I'd be like 'what the heck was I doing in the first place!!?'

    (Disclaimer: I know we're adults, and need to be responsible for our actions, so in no way shape or form am I accusing Apple, Google, or Tim Cook (or even Steve Jobs) of distracting me from doing my job. It's not really their fault, and I don't want it to seem like I'm blaming a platform)

    But in the last week, I've found myself back to a previous level of efficiency I hadn't experienced since using my Bolds (9650, 9700, 9900). Maybe some will say it's the lack of available 'goof-off apps'; I'd like to think that the live tile layout, giving me the info I need at a glance, is helping to not need to pick up the phone and wander through the app drawer. Some of the people in one of my G+ Hangouts groups were razzing me the other day "When is WP getting Hangouts? What about BBM?" I could honestly tell them I was enjoying not having it on my phone, since it had gotten to the point where I turned off notifications in Hangouts on my android phone - just too many distractions.

    I don't know if I'm making sense at this time of night. There might be some valid points I'd thought of previously, but am leaving out here. But I'm really enjoying my Windows Phone 8. I like that it gives me pertinent info at a glance. And keep this in mind too; I'm not of the persuasion that since I don't have a need for a particular app or service (ie Instagram), that I don't think it's necessary. I think MS should have as many big name apps as possible, because rightly or wrongly, people judge platforms by the number of or type of apps.

    But what say you? Granted I'm preaching to the choir here at WPCentral. But I can honestly say I've given the Big 4 platforms an honest go, and since the legacy BBOS is 'end of life', Windows Phone 8.xx is where it's at for me for a phone. (Games? Movies? There's a tablet for that! But that's another post for another time)
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    09-19-2013 10:44 PM
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    I guess it all depends on each person. Not everyone needs or wants efficiency. A lot of folks would like apps to pass the time, especially if riding a bus or train, or waiting for an appointment.

    Windows Phone does have my favourite way to pass the time: Netflix. The nice thing is I can start watching a movie or show on my mobile device and finish watching it on my Windows 8 PC app (or vice-versa).
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    09-20-2013 12:05 AM
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    Maybe it's the beer talking, but I'm not entirely sure how you want us to respond. Haha

    From an efficiency standpoint...Yea..I guess I'm more efficient. But it's not by much. I use onenote for all my stuff(forgot about the censors) that I'm doing for pc work. When I wrote articles, I would use onenote cause I'd have down time while out with people and I'd finish up an article. Now I don't use it as much cause it has no place in Dev work, outside of jotting down ideas.

    I've not had a smartphone outside of WP that I really used to its full potential, so I have nothing to compare it to. But as Smartphones get...well..smarter, then efficiency with said phone is bound to go up.
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    09-20-2013 12:13 AM
  4. blehblehbleh's Avatar
    I feel where you're coming from john_v. It's the initial reason why I went with Windows Phone as my first smartphone back when 7 was released. I enjoyed the way it prioritize information over fluff while at the same time minimizing (at the time) unnecessary actions such as opening apps to view relevant data. It was definitely a streamlining of info at the time. Not to mention the slight minimalism that allowed you to focus on the data and not the fluff.
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    09-20-2013 01:15 AM
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    WP was designed to get your head out of your phone, quite simply it's done that for me!

    If I'm out and about I get all the info I need just from the start screen. I can launch the app I need instead of going app drawer hunting like you said and I'm done very quickly and can get back to life. I suppose while I do have my head in my phone if I'm playing a game or looking through the WPCentral news or forums its a choice now, where I felt I had to tinker and fiddle about with my old phone to get things done.

    Just my experience.
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    09-20-2013 01:59 AM
  6. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Well when I was using an android phone I was moving things around, looking for widgets just messing around most of time.

    When I got the 920 I get stuff done alot more faster and become a more efficient not taking to long arranging the tiles and can quickly access what I need.
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    09-21-2013 11:32 AM
  7. Smyrna5's Avatar
    I'm a lot less efficient (work-wise) since I swapped my BB 8320 for my Nokia 521. This is because I now spend hours a day trying to take photographs and reading the WPCentral photography forums. I do save some time not having to boot up my desktop computer to check my Facebook page etc. The Blackberry did everything I needed to do for business (phone calls, contact lists, email, notes, etc.) and did it quite well. The rest is just fun stuff, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. One could ask, "What about Mobile Office," but for serious work with large documents, that is just a joke.
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    09-21-2013 11:45 AM
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    Last time I felt really satisfied with my phone for it's efficiency (and the ability to do everything I want to) was with the HTC HD2, with windows mobile 6.5 .
    I really miss it.

    EDIT: hmm... maybe I missed the point of this thread...
    09-21-2013 11:53 AM
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    In some ways I've found WP a boon, but in other ways I still prefer iOS.

    WP wins for me in the keyboard autosuggest and in getting me to the page I need in OneNote quickly by pinning it to my start screen. It wins by giving me separate tiles for work and non-work emails, and for Nokia Maps reminding me about speed limits (I've been spending a.lot of time lately driving between appts). The integrated barcode qrcode and Bing search have been cert handy as well.

    iOS wins for me now by giving me more voice-driven control over appts, reminders, and a few work-specific apps that aren't on WP yet. Since MS has really beefed up OneNote on iOS to help promote Office365, my life has gotten even easier where iOS is concerned.
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    09-21-2013 11:56 AM
  10. WasteSomeTime's Avatar
    Yes I find it to be the most efficient. Switching from app to app can be done with ease. The back capacitive button is dedicated to that. One note is great. Its nice to have something of an office mobile in the palm of your hand. The way the phone is integrated with sharing with others is also great. There is no management of applications that may bog down the speed of the phone. There is no micro management, which saves a lot of headaches. Always snappy, so I can say its the best for me.
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    09-22-2013 06:13 PM
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    I had an iPhone 3gs,4s ,sgs3 lumia920 and now an LG G2 with 4.2.2 on it. The hardware on the G2 is wonderful but android is not. Wp8 would be the perfect is if it incorporated the pull down quick control panel thing And redesigned its marketplace. Its taking me longer to do everything on android. Hell I'm typing this on my 920 while the 4 day old g2 is at home.
    09-23-2013 08:08 AM
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    I'm not really someone who spends a lot of time on their phone. Also haven't used android or ios, so can't really compare. What I can say is, I can get all the info I need from news feeds and social feeds very quickly. Information is clearly presented and in a few cases I don't even need to open an app. For example, WPCentral headlines on double wide tile, my oyster card balance (like a travel card for those not familiar with it) and hourly weather forecasts on the lock screen. In and out, back to reality. Very pleased with the experience and I'll say WP is very efficient for my needs.
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    09-23-2013 12:36 PM

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