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    So I went to USA in July 2013 for the first and last time of my life. Back then it was impossible to find the Surface Pro (first of the name) in France's stores. But I knew I would find heaven once the plane will land and Ill be driving around the country (well, at least in some states...) with the precious on my lap.

    I waited the first week since I didnt want to spoil the visits of the national parks by being absorbed in the device I dreamt of for so long all day long so I didnt go to Best Buy in L.A nor in San Francisco. Nope. Thats only when I arrived in Vegas that Ive been confronted to the only 2 boring days of my trip. Cash machines and basically nothing to do (at least if you do not know the places to be) except spending your cash vainly.

    So I went out of the hotel and tried almost ALL the electronic shops along the Vegas strip. And guess what? Nobody even knew what the hell I was talking about Surface whaaaat ? What is that thing ?, no no mate, Microsoft doesnt do hardware, your thing does not exist and such.. I was desperate, really, this was unreal, I was in the worlds temple of consumption and nobody knew what a Surface Pro was. Except for this guy, in one of the shops that told me only some authorized retailers are allowed to sell Microsoft devices, theres a Frys Electronics in Vegas, youll find it there.

    Next morning, my friends had gone for a ride with the car when I told them I would take a look at that famous Frys Electronics. They said ok have fun, see ya later and took the car keys. I would go alone, by feet.

    So I walked for 35 minutes along the South Las Vegas Blvd under 48 Celcius (118 F) and for the first time of my life I really thought I was going to die soon. Theres nothing on that part of the boulevard, theres just a big road and thats pretty much everything
    I finally stopped in a gas station to buy something to drink, with my shirt almost entirely wet of sweat, my beard and my shaggy hairs. The owner first thought I was homeless and was a bit reticent to let me hang around his shop, because you know, the heat had left me a bit dizzy and I wasnt really standing straight
    Anyway, I managed to drink a fresh Arizona can and I was up again for the last 15 min walk in the furnace.

    When I entered in the air-conditioned Frys Electronics, with a shirt and that was now transparent, breathing heavily, 2 guys ran toward me asking me if I was doing well sir ?. I almost cried the words: Im looking for a Surface pro.

    And I got it. Then I calmly went out of the gigantic store with the package in my arms. I didnt care about the heat anymore, it was just like that feeling when youve ran for so long that you cant feel your legs and they seem to continue the race by themselves.

    I sat in border of the boulevard, right under the shadow of a concrete bridge. I texted my friends: come pick me up when youre done.

    And I started surfacing here, in the heat, with no internet connection, no keyboard, and half the battery filled. And it was magical. It was simple; just my fingers and the Surfaces touchscreen. Damn, I mean.. it was so smooth, so clean. There was literally NOTHING to do on the surface without the internet, but this was an incredibly enjoyable nothingness. God, look at this device manager panel, wooooa, and look how smooth you can browse your folders in the windows explorer, thats sick !

    And now, were in November 2015, my surface pro, first of its name is running Windows 10 pro x64 flawlessly, Visual Studio 2015, the Windows Phone emulator working like a charm, hell, I can even play Pillars of Eternity at 35fps and CS go at 50fps.

    I never ever had a laptop that had such durability, never. I mean, I never experienced the least drop of performance or smoothness on my Surface, its still just like this day, when I was sitting in the hot sand at 8.735km from my home, perfect.
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    11-04-2015 10:49 AM

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