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    In Windows 8.1 and previous this worked flawlessly. After upgrading to Windows 10, this problem exists for me:

    I store my OneDrive folder on a 2nd BitLocker encrypted drive that I have to manually unlock after restarting my computer. Before I have a chance to unlock that drive, I receive and error message saying "We couldn't find the location of your OneDrive folder. Your OneDrive folder may have been deleted, or if your OneDrive folder is on an external drive, it may have been removed. Click OK to reconfigure your OneDrive folder"

    So by clicking OK or CLOSE doesn't change anything. I can keep that error message up, unlock the drive and it will no longer check the last location. Then when I click on the OneDrive folder the add a OneDrive folder wizard pops up, I have to log in to my Microsoft Account, get a security code texted to me and choose the OneDrive folder for the location. EVERY...SINGLE...TIME I have to restart I have to do this.

    Why can't it work like Windows 8.1, where it doesn't freak out the instant it loads Windows if it can't find the local folder for OneDrive right away? Or maybe it could say "Click OK once you've re-connected your external drive or try again?" Then I could unlock the drive, and click OK and it would see the folder again.

    I have tried to disable the OneDrive app from loading on startup, but then when I re-enable it, the OneDrive app doesn't load in the system tray. I wish it was a service that could be set to manual and not automatically start on startup.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!!! :)
    08-16-2015 03:01 AM

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