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    TL:DR: Onedrive will stop working (not crash) if you save your working file multiple times.

    Mod on MS forum told me to troubleshoot Onedrive WEBSITE because I have the problem with Onedrive win10 client. So yeah...

    I need help! Please help me!

    My thread on MS Onedrive forum:
    Updated to the lastest version of windows 10.
    I already tried to reset Onedrive.
    I'm an Office 365 home subscriber.
    My PC is Surface Pro 2.

    I alway working with large graphic file, about 60 MB and up, have to save after 30s or a minute.
    Onedrive will stop working after I hit ctrl+s to save the working file multiple times.
    The only way to make Onedrive work again is restart my PC.
    I'm using cable, my internet speed is 3,5 MB/s but Onedrives speed always below 500KB/s.

    This problem only appeared after I updated my PC to windows 10 anniversary update.

    This is what I got when tried to google the problem:

    "Check whether there's already a file or folder with the same name in the same location

    You may have conflicts if you're uploading multiple files on the OneDrive website at the same time, or if you made changes in your OneDrive folder on another PC that is syncing at the same time. Rename the file or folder, and then try to add it again."

    So if I want to keep use Onedrive, I have to wait my Onedrive synced after 5 minutes of slow speed, or Onedrive will conflicted and stop syncing until I have to restart my PC.

    I need help! I'm using Onedrive to protect my important files in case my PC malfunctioned. BUT IT NOT WORKING!

    If this problem can't resolved, then I have to buy Google Drive instead. Please help!
    And here's another person has the same problem as me: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/...c-3f572a28a1b0
    11-16-2016 09:08 AM

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