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    - After the newest Onedrive update, the app does not work anymore on W7.
    - I have tried uninstalling and installing the app multiple times but its always the same.. I even tried the reset..
    - After I download the app, it asks me for my sign-in details and so I enter my details and then choose which folders I want to sync..
    - After choosing the folders, it says "Onedrive: Processing Changes" at the bottom on the taskbar. But It never finishes the "Processing Changes" at all.. It just stays like that and I cannot access the folders I chose before..(the folders show up in the OneDrive folder but just the main folder shows up, the stuff inside the folder doesn't sync so it shows an empty folder, it doesn't delete the contents of the folder or anything like that)
    - The previous version of onedrive was working extremely fine and I can't even use an older version of OD because it says you cannot use OD unless you update to a newer version
    - I also read another thread that MS has stopped support of OD for W7. Is this true?? If this is true then that maybe the answer to my problem. Can someone plz confirm this?
    Thanks in advance.. :)
    12-29-2016 01:11 AM

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