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    So having a strange issue with onedrive and after searching around online can't find an answer that addresses exactly this question. Basically when downloading an image I've uploaded from onedrive to my phone it gets desaturated. Now things I've worked out so far that may help with coming to a solution:

    -The uploaded images look fine on onedrive on my phone. It's not til I download them to my phone that they become desaturated. I have tested with my girlfriends phone and the same thing happens.
    -The downloaded images are the correct size so no compression appears to have taken place.
    -When downloading from onedrive to my PC there are no issues at all. The downloaded image is identical to the original.
    -If I upload the image to any other site (eg facebook) and download it to my phone from there there are no issues. The image comes through with no desaturation.
    -I've tried downloaded the images from the onedrive app and from a chrome browser. The result is the same either way.

    I'm actually a photographer by trade and use onedrive to send clients their images and I'm quite concerned they will be experiencing the same issues so I'm very keen to get this sorted asap if anyone has any clues at all.

    04-02-2017 05:47 PM

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