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    And I couldn't be any happier! I've known for quite some time I wanted a WP7, even coming from WinMo but, WOW! The phone itself is amazing, beautiful blacks, great design. I thought that 3,7 inch would be too small for me, but it's proving to be big enough. It's superfast, but that's the case with every WP7 though. Only downsides are that there is only one speaker and sometimes I put my hand over it if i'm holding the device in landscape mode so I don't hear the music.

    Other than that, I'm super psyched for my phone! When I showed it around everybody was impressed! I have also looked at Android and Iphone but I feel I've made the right choice. Using Android would have been the same as WinMo only with apps, and Iphone is just way too expensive for what you get in return.

    I do have 1 question though, how can I put movies on the device? The Zune software doesn't even show the movies in the folder which I have set Zune to search for my movies. Now I've read somewhere that Zune can't play .avi files or divx files, is that true? Can I convert my movies using Zune or do I have to use a third party program?
    11-22-2011 05:41 PM