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    Apps , Games and Development!:

    In this Thread you will Find Information related the WP apps/games including a Getting started Guide to Developing for WP!

    Transfer apps/games from one live account to an other:

    Transfer my Purchased apps from one account to other - Microsoft Answers

    Why do XBL games cost so much?

    Simple Explanation to this is that Most of the XBox Live games (Angry Birds is one) Microsoft consider to be a premium games, because they award achievements that add Gamerscore to XBox Live gamers profiles.

    Closing Apps:

    The way that Windows Phone work with the Multitask system is Different from the common Multitask you are use to, In reality it is not a multitask system but instead, a Quick Resume feature. What that means is that your apps are not actually running in the background ( some do, i’ll get to that ). The Big Advantage to this is that it does not drain your battery while your app or your game is waiting for you to return.

    Quick Resume:

    Quick resume task are link to Periodic agents that run for a small amount of time on a regular recurring interval like every phew minutes or so. Typical scenarios for this type of task include uploading the device’s location and performing small amounts of data synchronization. Example apps are your typical Twitter, Facebook, RSS readers, News and Weather apps, etc which require to run every 30 minutes in the background to sync data and update live tiles, send push and toast notifications.

    Back ground Task:

    Back Ground Task are basically what we call Resource Intensive agents are meant for tasks that will consume a large amount of system resources and come with several limitations for when they can be run. A typical scenario for this type of task is synchronizing large amounts of data to the phone while it is not being actively used by the user.

    How to see witch apps are always running:

    Settings -> Applications -> Background Task.

    you will see that SOME apps are ALWAYS ON. Does are the once draining your battery.
    ( very phew of them ) they are not actually games or regular apps. Normally links to apps with LIVE TILES. For more information please visit: Background Agents Overview for Windows Phone

    Have a Suggestion for a App?:

    try here: AppDreamr - Home Page
    Microsoft is doing ALLOT ( like special DEV events ) every month to bring in more developers , apps are growing faster and faster. So fear not . your favorite app will SOON BE HERE!!

    If you would like to VOTE on apps you can also try MS’s new page here: App Platform: Top (1044 ideas)


    not taking credit for ANY of this, just passing on the Info

    1. Getting started and all you need!
    2. 8 Must-Have Tools for Windows Phone 7 Development - Diary Of A Ninja
    3. Jeff Wilcox Metro Design:
    4: Live tile cheat Sheets:
    5: Get ready for 60% more Potential customer:
    6: tips to make your app Tango compatible here
    7:Realistic Ad Revenue thanks to: Stiv
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    8 Must-Have Tools for Windows Phone 7 Development:
    8 Must-Have Tools for Windows Phone 7 Development - Diary Of A Ninja

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