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    Update: I deleted my Windows Live Account in my Outlook, made a new one, copied my calendar to that one, and now it seems to be okay--no more duplicates.

    I loved how quickly my phone synced with my Outlook calendar and address. However, afterwards, many phone numbers in my phone were erased, as well as some e-mail addresses in my Outlook. There weren't a "lot" that were erased, but still, that isn't a good thing.

    My calendar seemed to be just fine until I began seeing many duplicates in the "Reminders" box. I may just revert to just using the Calendar on my computer and having a separate one for my phone.

    Anyone else have this happen to them?

    BTW, I'm loving this phone regardless--it's super fun and easy to use!!
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    I assume you are syncing with Exchange. I use my outlook calendar with it set to my calendar @ msn.com and that works quite well with the calendar on my phone. I do get some dups but its mostly on birthdays. contacts are no big dal because I have the live (.msn and facebook in the people hub) and I dont really use outlook contacts (office 2007) right now. It ma be that Apollo will bring out a direct sync option between the phone and outlook. If it does great if not I may jump on Office 365 I think I can get it for either 6 or 8 a month.
    06-03-2012 03:49 PM
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    That you for responding. I'm actually not using Exchange though--just Microsoft Outlook. I hope Apollo makes some improvements! Either way, it's not a huge deal, but it would be nice to get it running smoothly.
    06-03-2012 06:34 PM
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    I have also noticed that when I "dismiss" a calendar appointment on my phone, it doesn't go away on my phone and keeps popping back up. Hmm....

    Update: Now when I dismiss an appointment on my phone, it doesn't come back.
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