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    For some reason my HTC Mozart can receive and send texts, but does not update the text log once opened. When I receive a text I can see the notification at the top with the small preview, but once I open the text message it does not show the new text. Furthermore, the same issue happens when sending a text, it does send but it does not update the text log meaning I cannot see what I have sent or received prior to this problem arising.

    Another thing I have noticed since this problem was the clock seemed to get confused and altered itself for no good reason. On the Facebook App it now says everything happened 'just a moment ago' which suggests the whole clock and timing on the phone is broken.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
    06-21-2012 02:13 PM
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    Hey Dan7aylor ,

    :D:D welcome to WPcentral :D:D

    and yay a relevant Thread to the forum!!! :giggle:

    hmm im thinking that your TXT not updating probably has to do with your CLOCK error .

    with out doing a SOFT and / or HARD RESET the only think i can say it make sure that your TIME on your PC/Phone ( including your PC at work or w/e any where you connect your phone) match up and set up to the same area cause that can be causing that BUG.....

    if you send a txt at 5PM , but your phone says 4pm ... it wont register properly. ive actually had that happen to me.

    hope this helps.... if not a HARD reset might be all you can do
    06-21-2012 02:31 PM
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    arh thank you for the welcome!
    But it is not just that the texts dont update properly, they dont update at all. Whenever I open a text thread there are no new texts since the problem started, despite me receiving multiple texts to the thread.
    06-21-2012 02:43 PM
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    Also if I backup my phone using the Windows Phone 7 Connector app for Mac can I do a Restore (reset) and then apply the backup to phone after the reset is done?
    06-21-2012 02:51 PM
  5. selfcreation's Avatar
    but if you receive a txt at 5Pm but your phone says its 4PM ..does your txt appear 1hour late??? or not at all???? also make sure that the txt dint get FILTERED to an otehr spot ont he txt ,

    exp: i got 5 text from a friend , and the last one he sent me became the first one cause the TIME STAMP was off.. witch was really weird. maybe thats happening as well?

    as for the backup .. your gona lose ALL your SAVED data on Games/apps :( meaning your gona need to start over. you can backup contacts and stuff but the games/apps will need to also be re-installed individually.

    they are working on a better backup system but for now that's all we can do.,
    06-21-2012 03:31 PM