loving Android 12L on my SD2 so far!


Dec 23, 2010
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I was wondering why my SD2 was acting weird today. Turns out it was updated without me initiating it! I rebooted my phone, not knowing that the update was out. Read online that the update was out, went to update it to 12L and found out it was already at 12L! Huge surprise.

Now, I have an Android 13 phone (my Pixel 6A which I got through work) for comparison and so far, they're soo sooo close to being the same. 13 addressed some of the issues I had with Android 11.

Don't let people try to tell you that 12L is old and 13 is new. While 13 is newer, 12L and 13 are nearly the same. Look up the comparisons between 12 and 13. Almost all of those 13 changes are in 12L. And don't let people tell you 13 is a massive upgrade over 12. I would categorize it as a more stable, better looking 12.

13 features that are also in 12L (but not 12):
  • Change Display and Font Size From the Same Screen
  • Bigger Navigation Bar
  • More Optimizations for Devices With Big Screens

And I really hated the Microsoft Launcher on the Surface Duo 2. It was ugly and lacking compared to even the launcher you could get on regular Android phones. But now the launcher looks nice and actually doesn't obscure the Windows 12L/13 look.

I wish some of the Pixel features made it to regular Android but unfortunately Google keeps it to themselves. No one else with Android gets them either. Like the Direct My Call feature is truly awesome (when you call a phone system and it says something like press 1 to go to billing, press 2 to go to sales, it prints the text and wraps it in a button. so you tap the wrapped text). The magic eraser is fantastic.

I was going to post some comparison pics between my Pixel 6A and my Surface Duo 2 but for some reason it's not allowing it.

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