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    About two years ago, I walked into an AT&T store to buy the newly-launched Samsung Focus. I was so disappointed with the customer service experience that I walked right out. I ended up purchasing it from another store, where the sales associate was much more helpful, didn't try to steer me towards an Android or iPhone and even had a bit of knowledge about WP7.

    Back in April, I had a fantastic buying experience for the Lumia 900 when I was purchased at the Madison Square store and was helped by a fellow WP enthusiast (we even had a little competition going about who knew more about the platform) - one of the best buying experience of my life!
    (In between these buying experiences, I've done a lot of prodding about how ATT handles WP :-)

    Let's share our experiences of buying WP8 in ATT stores. Are they living up to their preferred carrier status (if they still have that designation) this go around? I want to know everything:
    Overall experience
    Staff's knowledge of WP8 (or misinformation given)
    Did staff try to steer to you other phones?
    Special discounts, add-ons and other deals - store promotions or did you negotiate?
    Demand - how do WP8s seems to be selling? Were there other WP8 buyers in the store?

    Insider information - new products, variations (is a 32gb 8x coming), training (have the SAs been using WP8 as their personal phones, did MS or Nokia reps conduct training), black Friday promotions, etc
    Anything else that you think is worth sharing

    Of course, it would also be helpful to share the location of the store and, where appropriate, the name of the sales associate that you dealt with.

    Happy buying!
    11-09-2012 07:13 AM
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    I had a great experience when buying my Focus 2 years ago from my local AT&T store.

    I've had great conversations at Best Buy Mobile regarding WPs.

    Yesterday, when I went to go look at WP8 itself on the 8x, the Best Buy rep was googoo over the phone with me (though, I've ordered a Lumia 920) and said he's going to switch to WP too.
    11-09-2012 07:34 AM
  3. electricbopeep's Avatar
    Went to a store in Brooklyn. No phones on display. Asked for the 920 and the 8x and the SA didn't know what I was talking about but check in the back and bought out a black 920 (the only color they had). Went to another store and they hadn't gotten their shipment yet buy they were more knowledgeable and helpful (even though they didn't know what colors and how many they would be getting in stock). Came back an hour after they opened, still no shipment.

    Called around to 10 other att stores. Lucked out with 53rd and Park store that had the red, white and black 920s in stock (no 8x though). The SA held the red one in the back for me while I made my way into the city. I was very iffy on the red but I really liked it when I saw it in person.

    The SAs were confused about the storage options - they originally said they only had the 16gb in stock and told me that the phone didn't come in 32gb in the us/on att. I told them that wasn't true, they double checked and then told me that they only had the 32gb in stock.

    They tried to sell me on a second line but I paid full price upfront. No wireless chargers in stock and they were a bit confused as to how to handle that, but it got resolved. Overall they were helpful. Everyone in the store was wearing windows 8 shirts and tha SA that helped me (migdalia) said that a bunch of guys had come in first thing in the morning and snatched up some 920s.

    On the 920 right now.
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    11-09-2012 02:02 PM
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    I called late morning to see if they had any 920's in stock - they had 9 left but the manager said they had been very popular so she offered to hold the white one for me - it was the last white one. I got there around 2:30 and they said that they got another shipment in so they had plenty, but that it had been selling very well.

    The sales rep I had was big on WP and is also a member here at WPCentral! :D

    Great experience - and am loving my new white Lumia 920 - buh bye Sprint! :P

    Good thing the boyfriend is out of town this weekend - he knows I wouldn't be paying him any attention with my new phone to play with! LOL
    11-09-2012 05:58 PM
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    Not glowing down here in Atlanta. Went in today, was told I should get a Samsung Note II. (I have a Samsung Note as well as my Lumia 900, but the guy didn't know that.) Asked about the Nokia 920 and no one really knew anything about it.

    Not great, but Atlanta never really goes crazy for tech of any kind.
    11-09-2012 08:22 PM
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    Went to a store in Brooklyn. No phones on display
    Let's face it. New York City might as well be called Apple City. They have no use for non-Apple products. That's ok Microsoft doesn't need that one city to succeed.
    11-09-2012 08:24 PM
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    Terrible. The all had windows 8 shirts on but didn't know anything. They did even know how to handle the free wireless charging pad. To top it off they didn't even have a 920 display unit.
    11-09-2012 10:04 PM
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    I had some activation snafus with the device I'd had delivered to my door, but the AT&T rep told me she didn't want me to wait on hold, connected up with the necessary people, and called me back to walk through setup.

    All in all, a pleasant experience.
    11-10-2012 01:19 AM
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    My L900 buying experience was less than optimal. I was late to the party and got it well after launch. The sales reps kept telling me I should really wait for the GSIII or if Apple announces the iP5 (At the time it wasnt a sure thing). I said nah I want the L900.

    I am now on VZW with a launch iP5. I really do like it but can't wait for my 822!
    11-10-2012 01:47 AM