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    How can I sync the profile picture of my contacts on my WP8 to my online Live.com account?

    I need a little help:

    I just got my new WP8 920 :) and lovin it. I have run into a problem. I would like to start fresh with my new WP8 and my contacts. I would only like to have my contacts in my live account to sync with my WP8. Not a problem so far. But when I add a picture to the contact it does not sync online to my live account from my WP8. I have everyone from my work picture syncing but do not want them. Trying to clean up my million contacts.

    meet a girl. get her number. Take a picture. have it sync with my online account . :-)

    I would like to try to keep work and play apart from each other. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for all your help.
    11-09-2012 05:22 PM