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    Ok, so I've had my 8X for a week now and I'm loving it - but I've been having issues with the performance of the Xbox Music app.

    Basically, the UI freezes frequently while tapping on things. To give an example, I click on the Music tile, then click on Music, so far so good. Next, i click on an artist and there is an appreciable 2-second delay before the next page showing the list of albums appears. Then, when I click on an album, another 2-second delay. Or, if I just click on the little play button, there is an even longer gap while waiting for the Now Playing screen to show up.

    Sometimes it doesn't even get as far as the Now Playing screen - it will "crash" and dump me back at the start screen.

    In either case, the music plays instantaneously and doesn't stop when it hangs - so there's no problem there.

    Some background information: all my music is downloaded through my Xbox Music Pass directly from the store on my phone. I have been a Zune Pass subscriber for at least 6 months.

    This problem happens no matter what I do - stream music, play locally, Cloud Collection on or off, Beats Audio on or off. Doesn't seem to matter.

    My best guess is that there is an issue with artist/album artwork downloaded through Xbox Music - it seems to only have issues on any screen which is showing artwork from the Xbox Music Store. Anyone else have these issues?

    I have (on an unrelated note) performed a factory reset of my device a couple of days ago, but the issue persists.

    EDIT: Also slightly related, I have another issue which occurs while streaming. About 2 seconds from the end of a track, the music will skip slightly. I'm assuming this is to preload the next track (as the next track starts playing the instant the last track finishes, which is very nice compared to wp7) but it's pretty annoying that there is a noticeable skip. Anyone else noticed this?
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