1. eagletreo's Avatar
    I am unable to get Skydrive working properly. If I use the Skydrive app to upload photos/doc, it seems to work fine and I can view the files anywhere i log into Skydrive. If i try to use Office, however, under Skydrive it says "Someone's Skydrive." Docs uploaded to here do not show up in my Skydrive account. I have no idea where they go and I can't find any setting to enter my Skydrive account info so that they load to my account.

    When I attempt to share a photo to Skydrive the phone uploads to Skydrive but they don't show up in my Skydrive account. Again, I have no idea where they go.

    Any guidance?
    11-12-2012 04:17 PM
  2. blehblehbleh's Avatar
    For the Office issue, I'm assuming on your computer, I found this:

    Office 2013 – Replace Someone’s SkyDrive with Your Name
    11-12-2012 05:26 PM