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    I get an error that my phone isn't playing nice with my windows 8 pc. Tried the metro app and the desktop preview app. when I hook the phone up, it shows up under file explorer, but doesn't show the hierarchy at all.

    Chatted with a support rep who tried soft reset, hard reset, all to no avail. She said she would think the device is faulty and to contact VZW for a replacement.

    Has anyone else seen this ?? I really don't want to return...
    11-23-2012 02:49 PM
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    Support log btw

    You are now chatting with 'Chloe
    Chloe B.: Hello , my name
    is Chloe B. with Microsoft Support. Please give me a few moments as I review the
    information you've submitted.

    Matt: no problem

    Chloe B.: Thank you for
    your patience. I understand there are currently issues syncing the phone on the
    computer, is that right?

    Matt: among others, yes

    Chloe B.: Oh, I see.
    Thanks for getting in touch so we can help with this. Could I please have the
    make and model of the phone?

    Matt: Verizon Windows Phone
    8x by HTC

    Chloe B.: Thank you, I saw
    the Verizon and 8X in your notes, just wanted to confirm HTC. And is it just on
    this Windows 8 PC that you're trying to connect the phone, no other

    Matt: yes. I only have the
    one laptop, and I haven't been at my work pc for about a week...but not too keen
    to sync my personal phone to my work equipment

    Chloe B.: Oh of course,
    that makes perfect sense. And just to confirm he app that you're using on the
    PC; that's the Windows Phone app?

    Matt: well, I have tried
    using the x86/x64 desktop application, which is in public preview if I remember,
    and the metro Win 8 application. The Desktop application wont let me press the
    continue button, whereas the metro application tells me my phone and pc aren't
    playing nice. reset my phone and try again.

    Chloe B.: Interesting,
    thanks for those details. I'm checking out a few options that may help us,
    thanks for your patience for a moment.

    Matt: this is happening a
    lot based on online reseach I have done. some of the message boards I frequent
    have several posts about this issue

    Chloe B.: That's a good
    point; there have been different kinds of emerging issues since the products
    have been released. Your patience is very much appreciated.

    Matt: no problem

    Chloe B.: Thanks again for
    bearing with me here, sir. I'd like to try sending you a few quick links to see
    if we can verify some info. Will just take a moment.

    Matt: ok

    Chloe B.: Is this the app
    that won't let you push the continue button?

    Chloe B.: Beta

    Matt: yes

    Chloe B.: Okay, thanks.
    And is this one the Metro app you were referring to?

    Chloe B.: Windows Phone App

    Matt: yes

    Chloe B.: Excellent, I
    really appreciate you clarifying that with me.

    Chloe B.: So when you get
    that error about the phone and PC not playing nice, is there any status code or
    number with that as well?

    Matt: no

    Chloe B.: Okay, thanks.
    And I assume you're using a USB cable to connect the phone to the computer?

    Matt: just that they are not
    playing nice and that the phone could be reset and tried again.

    Matt: yes

    Chloe B.: Okay,

    Chloe B.: Next we'll just
    rule out a few simple things: Have you been able to try the connection with a
    different USB cable, or from different ports on the laptop?

    Matt: i tried different port
    and different cable. same result

    Chloe B.: Okay, thanks for
    ruling that out. So it sounds like we need to be concerned with the app
    situation specifically. I can let you know that the Windows Phone app is the one
    that should be used from your PC... Have you reinstalled that?

    Matt: yes

    Chloe B.: Great,

    Chloe B.: And it sounds
    like the ultimate goal here is to get the device recognized on the computer so
    you can sync, right?

    Matt: yes.

    Chloe B.: Of course,

    Chloe B.: I really
    appreciate all the details you've helped me with, Matt. I'm researching now on
    possible solutions for that, this may just take a few minutes.

    Matt: ok

    Chloe B.: Okay sir, I've
    got some new info to consider now.

    Matt: ok

    Chloe B.: I know you said
    you've been restarting the phone since this issue came up; I don't suppose
    you've done a reset factory defaults?

    Matt: i did. last night.

    Chloe B.: Wow, thanks for
    trying that. And how long have you ad the phone?

    Matt: i got it on Wednesday
    around 3p.

    Chloe B.: Okay, and this
    issue has been going on since you got it? It hasn't recognized for any short
    period of time?

    Matt: nope. never worked

    Chloe B.: Okay,

    Chloe B.: Well Matt,
    you've done everything 100% correctly. And believe it or not, all the
    troubleshooting you've done is exactly what I would have had you try. What I'd
    actually recommend at this point would be to consider returning to the retailer
    for a replacement phone. I hate to inconvenience you, but if factory reset is
    not resolving this, our resources point us towards it being a potential issue
    with the device itself. Can you consider returning to the retailer?

    Matt: i really don't want
    to. the device is so back ordered on Verizon that i am not sure when i would
    receive it. And if i remember correctly they will send me a refurbished unit,
    not a brand new unit

    Chloe B.: I understand, I
    certainly don't want you to have to go through any hassle. However, I've
    definitely been able to rule out any other options and confirm that returning to
    the retailer is the only thing we can consider right now. For what it's worth, I
    will save our chat under reference number 1188717430, just in case you end up
    needing to come back to chat.

    Matt: is there any
    possibility an update to the phone app or a firmware update to the phone would
    resolve the issue?

    Matt: i have a hard time
    believing that all of the reports i read online are from faulty devices...

    Chloe B.: You know, I
    looked into that as well. I agree, if there was a way to apply something to the
    device without taking it to the store, that would definitely be my preferred
    option. But it turns out that is not available.

    Matt: i know they are not
    available now, but is it possible on the next patches hit, it could fix

    Matt: itself?*

    Chloe B.: Oh, thanks for

    Chloe B.: I may have been
    unclear when I said that I searched and the option wasn't available: I didn't
    mean to indicate that it may be available soon, or that we're working on
    creating such a fix. Actually, the factory reset is the fix that we expected to
    resolve this issue. Since that last-resort option did not work, we are left with
    returning to the retailer as our only recourse. Basically, all indicators here
    point to this being an issue with the device itself, not the system.

    Matt: i find this
    disappointing because i cant believe all of the stuff i have been reading on the
    message boards mean they have faulty devices. What if i get a new device and it
    doesn't work too?

    Chloe B.: I know it's very
    frustrating Matt, and I definitely want to protect you from being in the same
    situation after getting an exchange device. That's why I'm saving everything
    under that reference number: So that in the unlikely even you end up with the
    same problem, we can pick right up from here.

    Matt: ok. i will look at
    doing this...but i hope vzw doesn't send me a refurbished device...

    Chloe B.: I understand, of
    course. And if I may make an offer just because I hate to inconvenience you: I
    can add some free Microsoft points to your account if we can get through a quick
    security clearance? Just something I'd like to give you for the trouble, if you

    Matt: that would be

    Chloe B.: Wonderful I'll
    just try to get the secure info to get into your account.

    Chloe B.: For your security and protection, chat support has limited access to
    your information and we do not ask for your information over our chat

    In order to best assist you with this issue, I would
    like to send you a code via the email address or phone number on your Microsoft
    Account. May I try to text or email you?

    Matt: either or. (redacted)
    or redacted@redacted.com

    Chloe B.: Great, thanks.
    I'll try email first, it should be there in a minute or so.

    Matt: ok

    Matt: i got it

    Matt: do you need the

    Chloe B.: Yes please,
    thank you.

    Matt: (redacted)

    Chloe B.: Great,

    Chloe B.: Now that I'm in,
    I'd like to get 2800 free points added for you, since I know this is a real
    hassle. Is that okay for you?

    Matt: yes. thank you

    Chloe B.: Wonderful, I'll
    add those now. Thanks for being so flexible.

    Chloe B.: Okay sir, your
    new points balance is 2859. I so appreciate you working with me today. I don't
    suppose there's anything else I can also do for you today?

    Matt: not right now. i
    appreciate your suggestions

    Chloe B.: Of course, many
    thanks again to you. Have a great day.

    Chloe B.: To end your chat
    session please click the
    above the chat window. If you have any additional questions after you
    disconnect, feel free to contact us again. Thank you for contacting Microsoft
    Customer Support.
    11-23-2012 02:52 PM
  3. DioxideTiger's Avatar
    Same problem with my HTC 8X on Win 8. I've also spoken with HTC support but the were useless.

    Interestingly, in a review I read of the 8X the reviewer had the same problem.

    It's really annoying that this phone is sold with Beatsaudio, yet you can't transfer your music onto it! The 8X's limp battery hardly lends itself to streaming music either.

    A solution would be greatly appreciated.

    Get your act together HTC.
    11-26-2012 10:42 AM
  4. cooperma's Avatar
    mine works now...i used my wifes old usb cable and now it is working fine. Not sure...seems to be they shipped a faulty cable with the device.
    11-27-2012 09:09 AM

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