1. ahashan21's Avatar
    Boss, what are the solutions of these ?!!!
    Please tell me, if you know. Because I like WP8 on my lovely Nokia Lumia 820 very much, but these things are bothering me, since I have shifted from symbian belle.
    1. File manager...
    Where is the file manager ?
    How can I open a PDF file saved on my SD card ?!
    2. App close button...
    There is no app close button, which is very painful. In browser, if I want to close it, I have to go all through backwards to close it, until I go to the first page.
    3. Multi tasking ...
    Symbian is better than windows phone in terms of multi tasking. Its ok, we can use back button as opening all running tasks , but we really want true multi tasking. What's the use of this processor then ?
    4. Notification light...
    Where is the blinking light for missed call or SMS alerts ?
    Windows icon should blink...
    5. Battery...
    Battery drains very quickly. You suppose people will use this phone only for browsing and calling ?!!
    Then what's the use to buy a phone with this price ?
    6. Quick notes...
    I always have to open OneNote for this. Should have a notepad like app, for txt support. I've always been using the notes app in Symbian.
    7. Poor camera...
    Lumia 820 has very poor front camera, main camera is not so good either. I expected it to be better than N8 at least.
    8. Accessories...
    The accessories are not available, even the spare battery. I wanted the ruggedized case very much, but I don’t know, when will it be available in Dubai :(
    I have been using Nokia phone from my second phone. The first one was NEC e313. Probably Nokia Lumia 820 is my 13th in 7 years.
    12-14-2012 12:54 PM
  2. kevin2577's Avatar
    1. No file manager or file system directly accessible, each app can access the files it can access (office app can open documents, music and videos for video, etc) Use the PDF Reader available on the Store to open PDFs, adobe is updating their adobe reader app for WP8 and will release it when ready
    2. There is no app close button, but the system intelligently manages running apps to conserve battery, so you generally don't need to be actively micromanaging which apps are "open". If you want to manually kill an application, double click the back button when in the application
    3. Not really sure what the question is here...WP8 allows applications to multitask if they are programmed to take advantage of the APIs, for example GPS apps and music apps can work in the background, and applications support quick resume
    4. There is none
    5. I would try calibrating your battery, it solved many of my battery problems on my Lumia after I got it, a few calibration cycles and it was much better.
    6. There are several other notes applications on the store you can try, many are free. You can also start a quick note to one note with the "Note..." voice command built in to the OS. If you want a quick notepad to jot down things you can also pin a note from OneNote to the start screen
    7. ...Okay...
    8. Accessories have been in short supply, but have been improving these last few weeks as Nokia ramps production.
    12-15-2012 07:10 PM
  3. ahashan21's Avatar
    oh, thanks for helping...
    with the 3rd point, I wanted to mean that, with its INTELLIGENT processing, it turns off the app from working, like downloading a music file and then if I want to write a message, download stops (I was shocked when I found that while downloading, I cant even go back to other pages !!! ****) when I start the other one, but with your explanation, I now think that its something as the program designed. But why are they designed with such stupidity ?!!!
    About battery, I did the same, following charging and discharging cycles. Actually, its always happening as I take the phone out with full charge in the morn and come back home on the eve with almost no charge, like 5-10% sometimes.
    Camera, I'm talking about the front one, on skype, it performed worser than vga, man...
    still getting nothing, and I'm afraid, they wont produce or we neither will have it here, as latest models are coming on the flow :(
    02-27-2013 01:18 PM
  4. nokia3660's Avatar
    Coming from Symbian (N8) to WP8 (L920), I can understand your frustration. Apparently you will be missing more from symbian as you start using the phone more and more. But WP8 is a very young OS and it will take its sweet time to mature and attain an functionality level of symbian.

    check this to see what else you will be missing --> http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum....cfm?t=2059882
    02-27-2013 08:01 PM

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