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    I just wanna to tell you that my HTC just updated its firmware to 1030.54. 20002 .401 (previously 1030.54. 10,403 .401). It also Updated it's Radio software version to 1.13b.3054.31_10.18.30.54 and the Bootloader Version to 0.0.1030.54 (164172).

    I'm from Portugal, and I've an unbranded phone. The update was available just after I Hard-reseted the phone due to the lack of free space. After that, it started to Update. The update is about 420 MB, therefore most probably only possible by deleting numerous files / apps.

    For now the only improvement is that the device now runs a little smoother. May it be a pre-Apollo Plus?

    P.S.: I have screen captures of the process.
    03-22-2013 08:42 PM

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