My Fall Creators Update Journey on a Lumia 640


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Mar 13, 2014
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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to go into a little detail on the issues that I encountered while trying to get my Lumia 640 to update to the newer Fall Creators Build.

Granted, most of you have probably never had this MANY issues, but I felt it would be helpful to show just how difficult it can be, and even going as far as a full reset, almost didn't help either. I am finally back up and running (Everything installed and updated) after about 5 days. Here it goes:

Quick Note: I was having major issues for some time since March 2017, and have had many corrupted apps that would refuse to update, and if uninstalled would then fail to install afterwards, I also had regular random phone reboots, and freezes, and many IE pages that would fail to load as well.

But I did not want to do an update twice, and I waited until 1709 was released.

Once I heard the 1709 update was out I attempted to download it on my Lumia 640 on Fast Ring, but could not as I did not have enough free space. I tried uninstalling and moving nearly everything to my sd card, and for some reason my 'system' space was up to 5.8GB. I even tried deleting my email accounts, and my sms msgs, which didn't help, and finally I settled on doing a FULL RESET.

I had much hesitation to do this as I knew I would lose nearly all of my game progress in my many games and would have to start over.

DAY 1: Started a Full Reset and restore from a Onedrive backup, which finished in about 2 hours. After which, I found I had to re-install a ton of things, as about 15 or so apps\games just plain DID NOT WORK. However I again began running out of free space as the RESTORE really just loaded ALL my games and such on my phone's storage, which on a LUMIA 640 is a paltry 8GB, and I quickly ran out. SO I set everything to install to my SD card, and tried to move some stuff which failed, and that is why I ended up doing just re-installing most of it. I also had to un-install all of the AT&T apps as almost none of them worked, and remove a bunch of defunct 'ghost' apps as well that also no longer even functioned and just "We are sorry BLAH BLAH" such as Bing Rewards, Mix Radio, LinkedIn, Ebay, etc....

DAY 2: By the 2nd day I was somewhat back working, but I started getting apps failing to install again, some large games mainly:
1. Disney Kingdoms
2. Township
3. The Sims Freeplay
4. Royal Revolt 2

All of these had trouble playing which was tried MULTIPLE times, starting or updating. Continuing to setup all of my logins and such.

Day 3: Still trying to get SIMS and Township to install correctly. I ended up switching back to installing to the phone's storage for these games, and then finally moving them to the SD CARD. Everything else seems to be running better, and its a little more stable.

Day 4: Getting game progress to sync from cloud to device was also having issues in both games, as even though I chose to load the cloud data, it did not, and started me over on all 4 of the above games, and I had to go back to my old LUMIA 810, load the games on there, sync them to the cloud data, and finally reload them on my Lumia 640, to get them to sync properly.

Day5: Ahh finally done....I can rest somewhat, just have finish my last few app setups and logins, but all seems to be working now....OMG how exhausting...I hope and pray no-one else has this much difficulty...

Grant Taylor3

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Mar 15, 2014
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Went smoothly for me on my 640 test phone. I do not have that many apps installed and I have my music and podcasts on a 120GB MicroSD card.

With only 8GB of internal storage I can see why MS dropped support for the 640.

Still once the update is installed it runs pretty well.

I will use my 640 as an MP3 player and podcast player.

With Groove music installed and Grover Pro it is a sweet little media player.

I am pretty sure there will only be security updates going forward so the 640 is all set until the end of 2019.

The 640 was a steal at $29 AT&T Go Phone.

Throw in the 120GB memory card and it really is useful.

I can take the 640 where I would not want to take my more expensive 950.


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Mar 13, 2014
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Yea, it probably would have gone smoother if I just did a Hard reset awhile ago, and did not restore from backup, and just did a fresh start from there.

But its done now, and I'm glad its over. Not to say that I would do it again, I still think I will be moving over to android soon, this was just a last resort to see if I could make the update happen, and maybe get some of my stuff working.

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