1. paco1059's Avatar
    Im a New Windows Phone User and only have one major issue so far. Can I disable text messaging previews from popping up at the top of my screen? i work in a position that requires me to communicate via text however during certain operations. For me this is a major security concern as sensitive information has the potential to be inadvertenly viewed by other clients and putting my phone in my pocket and hoping i dont miss a text is not an option do to the time sensitive nature. Is there a fix for this to date. I have read some other threads from early january that had rumors about a notification center update or this being fixed. Could anyone confirm this and if so how do i disable it?
    07-08-2013 07:54 AM
  2. jfa1's Avatar
    something may be coming ion the gdr2 MS update which may be coming as early as sometime in August. Nothing really certain about that. what about leaving the screen face down and have it on vibrate only the screen would not be viewable and you you could turn it over and look and make sure what the text is.
    07-08-2013 07:59 AM
  3. paco1059's Avatar
    I guess that will have to do for now. My favorite part about my andriod phone was the fact that i could easily toggle the notifications for text messaging so that the phone wouldn't even vibrate upon receiving a text message nor would it show that i had one unless you logged into the phone and opened the text message screen. not answering a call because im in the middle of a deal is easy to explain. not answering a text message that shows half the content and may include information about competing offers can easily cost a large business deal when your dealing with a competitor. I hope the upgrade will at least make the preview go away if not i may have to switch back. otherwise window phone OS has everything you could want in it and more.
    07-08-2013 08:24 AM
  4. Funky Cricket's Avatar
    you do realize sms is NOT secure right?

    EDIT: finished reading, sales, not like passwords or anything. never mind.
    07-08-2013 09:16 AM
  5. Squatting Hen's Avatar
    These two threads discuss the text messge preview, and as you stated you probably already read them.



    To answer your question, there have not been any updates on this or if it is going to be changed. Most seem to like the feature. Having an option to disable it though would be nice for those that do not like it. I fall into the camp of those who like it and would not ever disable it.
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    07-08-2013 12:31 PM
  6. broar94's Avatar
    You do realize its Windows Phone right? There's no way to turn off msg notification. In Android, you can set it up anyway you want, have third party apps show quick reply upon a new message window and alot more. I hardly think it's going to be added in the next WP update. there are way too many others(like notification center, lock rotation, music api, separate volume controls etc) that are important and should be implemented by MS.
    07-08-2013 12:50 PM

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