Did SMS syncing stop working from Windows phones?


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Aug 8, 2014
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I was going to send an SMS from my desktop this morning because my phone was in the other room. I haven't used this functionality in a while. When I tried to change the messaging type from "Via Skype" to "Via Skype SMS," it popped up a message that I have insufficient Skype Credit.

In the message list on the desktop version of Skype, it shows text messages from last night, but the app settings show SMS enabled (no phone connected). I checked from my phone and it also showed no devices were connected. I had to disable and re-enable the settings before the PC would give me another code to set up the sync.

After doing so, my phone now shows it is connected to my PC, but my PC still shows no phone is connected. I've had the SMS sync turned on since this feature was first introduced. The only issues I've had in the past were when I had to set up the sync partnership again after an app update, but when I tried to use the feature, it always worked without issue. I'm just curious if anyone else is having issues or if anything has changed. I haven't seen any announcements about this feature being disabled even though no new features are going to be added to Windows 10 mobile.

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