1. Cyterio's Avatar
    Anyone else having an issue with hotmail not syncing on their phone? I can pull up the mobile site just fine but the wp8 email client keeps throwing me an error. I've tried restarting, re-entering password, unlinking from the combined inbox, but have not had any luck. Unfortunately this is my phones primary account so there is no removing it and re-adding it. I've not changed anything on the hotmail end of it, it just stopped syncing.

    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 521 using Tapatalk
    07-10-2013 04:21 PM
  2. Bob Shiska's Avatar
    Try disabling text backup. Have no clue how they're related, but it solved it for me.
    07-10-2013 04:48 PM
  3. Cyterio's Avatar
    You my friend are a genius! You win the internet today! Why that fixed it, I have no idea?!? But it worked! Thank you!

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    07-10-2013 04:57 PM
  4. Bob Shiska's Avatar
    I can't claim credit, except for searching the error code that popped up when I manually hit the sync button on Monday. Started for me on Thursday, might have something to do with Microsoft's overall live.com integration.
    07-10-2013 04:59 PM

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