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    I posted this on Reddit already, but thought some people might like to see this here. So, please ignore if you've seen this on Reddit.

    So I have an outlook.com email address and I had a few aliases setup with the address. The problem I ran into immediately is that the aliased email doesn't show up in the Inbox, and as you probably know, you have to click folders and then select the folder you want to read just to find out if you have mail in that folder. I hate this.

    Finally I got fed up with it and started searching for a solution. Well, it turns out, by default when you create an alias, it creates a rule to put any email to that alias into an alias folder. You can either change the folder the alias email goes to or just delete the rule all together. So that's how to fix that. You need to login to your outlook.com account on a PC and change it there.

    This lead me to finding out about two other things that might also be helpful. First one is, you can join email addresses into one Inbox. This isn't that surprising and probably a lot of people already know this. The second thing is, how do I separate my aliased email from my non-aliased email? Turns out that outlook.com has categories, just like gmail. So I just created a category for each alias I have and so I can just select the category to see only those emails. The downside is, I can't see a way to see those categories on my phone. The bottom line here is that I think categories are better than folders for most things.

    Anyhoo, I always learn a lot places around the web and thought I'd give back.
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    Great info! Thanks and welcome to the forums!
    07-23-2013 01:43 PM
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    If you want to split up aliased vs non aliased, you can just pin the folder to the start screen and make sure it is synced. Use that for my subfolders with corp exchange
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    07-23-2013 06:36 PM

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