1. gwinegarden's Avatar
    Sorry if this has been discussed, before, but I could not find anything.

    I backed up my Apps Settings, on my Lumia 520. When I look, in SkyDrive, I do not see them. I do see my backed up notes. So questions:

    1 do the backups go to a different area of my SkyDrive account or are they in the same area but just hidden?

    2 do the backups count against your storage limit? (if so, how do you know how much you have used?)

    07-28-2013 11:50 AM
  2. rdubmu's Avatar
    I don't believe app data is saved, but I know that text messages are saved and the apps that you bought are saved. I don't think this effects your skydrive memory allotment.
    07-28-2013 03:27 PM

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