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How to backup OneDrive Files On-Demand?


New member
May 24, 2022
I'm running low on local space on my laptop so changed the setting for all files/folders in my OneDrive folder to be "files on-demand" which saves me ton of local storage space - excellent - but it does mean that all of my OneDrive files now live only in the cloud (except for when I access them "on demand").

I would feel happier if I could have a complete backup of all my OneDrive files "somewhere else". This could be to cloud storage elsewhere and/or to a local hard drive (separate from my internal drive, which has insufficient capacity to store all this data).

I'm thinking I could have some sort of "cloud-to-cloud" backup, e.g. OneDrive to - say - Acronis Cloud Storage or Norton Cloud Backup (with facility to restore some or all files from there back to OneDrive) and then, as a second step in the process, intermittently pull down a copy of that backup to a separate local drive for archive purposes.

Can anyone please suggest how this could be done?

Many thanks!


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