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    since yesterday I own a Lumia 925 after almost 3 years with the HTC Mozart. I've flashed the Lumia to an unbranded Amber stock rom and reinstalled all apps. After launching Whatsapp I expected to find my message threads and chat history, since I thought they would reside on the Whatsapp Servers. This assumption was wrong as I discovered.

    The FAQs state, that hitting "backup" doesn't backup to the server but instead backups to a file on the device. Android and Iphone (as always) allow for migration via their respective backup tools, with WP you are out of luck. Why there is no Skydrive backup option escapes me... whatever.

    However, I recall that it was possible to access the phones root filesystem via Explorer under Windows after tweaking the registry.

    Is it somehow possible to copy the local backup file from my old device > Windows PC > WP8 device? If an Backup exists and you reinstall WhatsApp it should ask whether to restore the data from the backup on first launch. So theoretically it should be possible?

    Anyone with experience concerning this problem?

    Thanks in advance
    08-16-2013 06:24 AM
  2. Rob van Uden's Avatar
    I guess this is not possible yet. They indeed should put the backup on Skydrive...
    08-17-2013 06:10 AM

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