1. sirosisofliver's Avatar
    Ok, have searched and found zilch. Is there a way to sign a PDF, save it, and email it back to the sender on WP 8?
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    09-10-2013 02:16 PM
  2. mexamese's Avatar
    Funny!!! I was just about to ask the same question! I need an app that I can sign the PDF file as well! It would be nice because i would be able to have customers sign what i need on site! BUMP!!!
    09-10-2013 08:32 PM
  3. sirosisofliver's Avatar
    There's only about 15 for iOS and 35 for Android...
    09-10-2013 08:59 PM
  4. errole's Avatar
    Not yet
    09-10-2013 09:25 PM
  5. mrZoSo's Avatar
    Handyscan might be an option. Digitize your signature and add it to the pdf.
    Not sure if it would work, haven't tried it, but might be worth a shot.
    09-10-2013 09:52 PM
  6. liaonet's Avatar
    Try pdffiller.com and instead of downloading their app use the web version.
    09-21-2014 03:52 AM

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