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    Good News Everyone!

    It is an honor to present you our brand new game SPYCON, which we are currently developing.

    Spycon is a strategy game about spies.

    You are the boss of a secret organization. You have to hire, train and take care of your employees (secret agents) and send them on various dangerous missions (being undercover, rescuing important people, destroying terrorist cells, retrieving stolen information, helping famous people, etc). You can buy equipment for your base from the super-secret spy eshop. Your secret base features for example a shooting range, a gym, an infirmary, a big office and many other things. You have to increase your Super-Secret Factor (SSF) to gain more prestige and money (which is essential to run your spy organization).
    All of that is wrapped in beautiful old-school styled isometric graphics with hand drawn textures.

    • Hire, fire, train, and send on mission your own "tamed" secrets agents!

    • Choose from various mission styles: retrieving stolen information, destroying terrorist cells, retrieving secret weapons, saving world, etc.

    • Isometric old-style graphics

    • Humorous moments

    Spycon is available now on Windows Store!!!


    We are a group of Czech Game Developers called T4J. We are going to continue with further development of spycon.

    Follow us on:

    Twitter https://twitter.com/T4Jdevgroup
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SpyconGame
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    Looks like fun, Thanks!
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    09-15-2013 09:45 PM
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    We have decided to make Spycon truly epic and unforgettable. We are planning to release Spycon also on other platforms including PC, iPad, Android tablets and Mac. Check out our new cinematic trailer of Spycon.

    If you like it and you would like to read more information about the game go here.
    We are open to suggestions and ideas. Tell us what you like/dislike or what would you like to improve.
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    Take a look at our new gameplay trailer :-)

    12-12-2013 11:13 AM