1. Warren Sammut's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Just saw this article and read another one which focuses on the same statements.

    Windows Phone 8.0 smartphones may not be upgradeable to 8.1 - Computerworld

    Seems like conflicting views from Nokia & MS :/ I hope they bring WP8.1 to the current range of devices.

    What are your thoughts?
    11-02-2013 06:25 PM
  2. JoelBennett's Avatar
    Sounds mostly like click-bait and fear mongering. Check out the comments after the post.
    11-02-2013 06:31 PM
  3. hopmedic's Avatar
    11-04-2013 09:22 AM
  4. untitled007's Avatar
    Im loving my wp8 although its not as,complete as android, but if microsoft didnt upgrade 2013 wp8 to 8.1 im done with any of their products.
    11-04-2013 09:32 AM
  5. Blacklac's Avatar
    Best to just post the article quoted, for these types of stories. Dont need to rack up their "clicks". ;)
    11-04-2013 01:31 PM
  6. berty6294's Avatar
    All phones will be upgradeable to 8.1. Some features however will not be available for phones currently running 8 due to chipset limitations.
    11-04-2013 01:36 PM

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