Good alternative to Lumia 950? I /need/ to switch platforms asap!


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Oct 4, 2011
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After decades as a Microsoft advocate and Windows Phone evangelist, they have lost me. I plan to replace my phone shortly and will likely go the iPhone route. The app gap is the primary factor, but the lack of anything exciting for such an extended period was the final nail. I am also going to reevaluate my use of other ms products and services over all. As an early adopter of all things Microsoft up till now, I had become accustomed to bring on the cutting edge of technology. This, however no longer send to be the case. While this MAY simply be a case of the grass bring greener on the OTHER side, i do not expect to return.
Thanks Microsoft.

I went the iPhone route. So far I hate it, but I need to give it more time. Little things suck like when I opened my mail app on Windows, the counter reset. On the iPhone it counts how many unread messages you have and throws it up in a red dot. I keep messages I need to follow up on as unread so it never goes away and clutters up the screen! Just as one example. I miss the dark modes a lot too. I really miss being able to send a text out via Cortana on my pc!

I keep telling myself that I at least have a phone that works and I'm not running into some kind of bug every time I use it. I haven't found it necessary to get a bunch apps yet either other than a few like Snapchat and Mint. I'm sure that will change.
Sep 24, 2015
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After Microsoft removed Music ID, I got my first non windows phone, Pixel 2, last week because that feature is built in to their glance screen. I've also always wanted a phone with good speakers that HTC is known for. I also figured the Android would be better than ios because the navigation buttons are similar to windows. I do miss the contacts/people hub from 8.1 the most. There was nothing at CES for Cortana or Microsoft. It really is time to pick something that is moving forward and don't look back.


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Aug 8, 2017
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“I despise Android (READ: security nightmare) and don't want to buy into the Apple mindset.”

What exactly is the “Apple mindset”? It’s just a phone. You are not converting from Islam to Catholicism.

Seriously, this is not a life altering decision. Just go buy a phone already.

I had Windows Phones too. At some point about a year ago, it no longer worked for me, and it was obvious WP was dead. Sold it and got an Android. Didn’t like it. Sold it and got an iPhone. I like it. Everything is fine now.

End of discussion. No drama involved.


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Dec 16, 2014
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Hi guys.
I'm considering getting a Motorola Z2 Play.
Seems like the specs are comparable.
One of the needs I have is a dedicated SD card slot and phones with high spec and a dedicated SD slot seem to be far and few between.
Anyone used the Z2?


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Apr 1, 2012
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Can I suggest everyone join Android Central to get answers for questions like this.
Android Central is part of Mobile Nation. Your Windows Central login is the same throughout whether it's iMore, Crackberry, etc.

The OP did right by posting here because as @TgeekB noted, most of us here have experience with both OSes and more. Going to Android from W10M has its caveats and who better than us Windows refugees to help out?


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Mar 27, 2015
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My concern about topics like this was the prospect of getting useful, unbiased advice about the particular phones or OS people are thinking of moving to. When I began to look at getting a Windows phone everyone warned me against it. I'm glad I didn't listen and did my own research which included coming here to find all the positives from enthusiasts who'd spent their own money and gave their honest findings about their choices. I'm glad I did that. I knew pretty much what to expect from Windows Phone, good and bad, and I've never regretted my choice. But I also happily use Android and can appreciate my grandchildren's iPhones. I simply think that by reading posts from all parts of Mobile Nations will help us to see past the ridiculous hatred and bias some people vent about various platforms.

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