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  1. Kimboo's Avatar
    Hello everybody!

    Just wanted to share something that kind of bugs med about Update 3. A minor detail that I was wondering if anybody else noticed.

    First of all, I do like Update 3 alot. I think Driving Mode is a nice feature and I love the app switcher. One thing strikes my eye though:
    One of the Things I like about WP is that the UI is so polished and elegant in it the way it looks. Very consistent good-looking menus and nice smooth animations whenever you switch from one screen to another, whether you go back, open af new app or simply browse the menu. So does it when you close and app from the app switcher. It smoothly and elegantly slides down off the screen. Very nice. Here's what I wonder then: Howcome it doesn't have this finish for bringing up the Start-screen again after closing the last app from the app switcher? When you close the last open app, the screen simply goes all theme-colored, then the start screen pops up, but it doesn't do so in any kind of smooth or elegant fashion. It simply blinks back on the screen. Not very elegant.

    This obviously only happens if you entered the app switcher from an app, as the start screen is not shown as a "card" then.

    Am I the onkly one who's slightly bothered by this?
    It just doesn't look nearly as good as the rest of this beautiful OS!
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    01-18-2014 06:39 AM
  2. Blkacesvf41's Avatar
    By update 3 you mean Black right? I'm just confused now as to what the heck is what.
    01-18-2014 06:59 AM
  3. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    By update 3 you mean Black right? I'm just confused now as to what the heck is what.
    Update 3 is just another name for GDR3.

    As for this animation, there are actually a lot of unpolished animations on Windows Phone that Microsoft will want to correct.

    Expect a fix by Windows Phone 8.1.
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    01-18-2014 07:32 AM
  4. fnanfne's Avatar
    something that kind of bugs med about Update 3.
    Excuse me but what is Update 3?
    01-19-2014 07:07 AM
  5. fnanfne's Avatar
    Update 3 is just another name for GDR3.

    So my next question would be what the difference is between the Black and the GDR3 update?
    01-19-2014 07:10 AM
  6. manicottiK's Avatar
    GDR3 contains the changes that Microsoft has made to the operating system.
    Nokia Black contains changes that Nokia has made to support special features of their handsets PLUS it contains GDR3.
    01-19-2014 07:20 AM
  7. Kebero's Avatar
    GDR releases are OS updates from Microsoft. Nokia has their own firmware updates, such as Amber and Black, which they package with the GDR releases.
    01-19-2014 07:20 AM
  8. Jonas_H's Avatar
    You're right, I also don't like these "unfinished" things. In the app switcher, for example, I also HATE that the X are blinking while sliding through the open apps.. I thought they fix it before releasing the final GDR3 but then I found out that the beta WAS the final one! I hope they fix it in the next update.
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    01-19-2014 07:32 AM
  9. mrvhin1216's Avatar
    What's the big deal with it?! As long as the task does what it's supposed to do, then, I'm good with it. Plus these are just recent updates, they will get polished in time. Let's all be happy that we finally got the Black. No update, people complain. Got updated, still complain. People, jeez.
    01-19-2014 07:49 AM
  10. Cheewii Poon's Avatar
    He's not really complaining, it's just something that bothers him a bit when the rest of the OS is so slick and polished and fluid. I've been bothered a bit by this too, I always felt like soemthing was off when i close my apps but I couldn't pinpoint it until this guy mentioned it. It's just a pet peeve some people like me have when there is a slight discrepancy in something that otherwise works so wonderfully.
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    01-19-2014 09:42 AM
  11. despertador's Avatar
    I've also noticed that by myself. It's kind of annoying that there's a lack of animations there. I'm pretty sure that there's also no animation there before Update 3.
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    01-19-2014 12:18 PM
  12. Killer BIGxyz's Avatar
    The transition also bothers me, something else that bothers me is the lack of websites optimized for mobile internet explorer. For example ( ) you can't even scroll.

    I really hope 8.1 fixes these small but annoying issues with WP
    Last edited by Killer BIGxyz; 01-21-2014 at 07:48 AM.
    01-19-2014 12:23 PM
  13. Diniy Moktar's Avatar
    Still waiting for the black update. I am using Lumia 620. I dont know why they take too much time in releasing the update for Lumia 620 users. The availability is still waiting for the approval. I am suddenly considering changing my phone even though I love Lumia very much. :(
    02-18-2014 10:52 AM
  14. realwarder's Avatar
    The worst thing about the task manager screen in GDR3 is the X buttons. If you have a few apps open scroll left or right at different speeds.

    You'll see the X be drawn, vanish and redrawn - basically flickering - as you pan through the screens. Pretty raw if you ask me.
    02-18-2014 04:48 PM

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