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    Not only is it barren, with barely any apps to choose from, no games, no real alternatives to the lacklustre stock apps, but it is lacking in features and is highly buggy. Never before have I struggled to transfer files to and from my phone so much, for what ever reason it wants to take forever and then go not responding for ages on my PC as I try to get stuff off. Never before have I had a device want to replicate songs and photos over and over again, I mean I had 6 songs each of a Guns N Roses album, you cannot delete the entries on your phone, yet Windows Explorer only shows one each. Each time I'd take a picture, the gallery would should e duplicates...... WHY? The store is also full of so many apps that just love to drain battery over night as they run in the background. You end up uninstalling these shoddy apps, but I thought Windows Phone was meant to be smart about this stuff? Android was way smarter as I actually had choices which let me override what the OS wanted to do with root.

    There is no customization, no way to get a percentage beside the battery icon, the live tiles are largely useless, I'd rather have a notification bar so I can see them all in one place, rather than missing stuff as I didn't see it in a sea of icons. Widgets on Android are far better, at least they feel interactive and update constantly, having a news Live Tile really just shows how limited they are, you cannot also expand them to a larger size. Why is there only one page you have to keep scrolling down? Would be so much easier to swipe side to side to go to different pages.

    There is the worst keypad I've ever used too, like especially in apps because enter sends messages in stuff like Whatsapp too. Half the time I'm sending messages half done and incorrect as I went to hit backspace and then sent the damn thing, the actual send icon is also so easy to hit by mistake on the standard messaging app too. What is up with the predictive text? It often doesn't correct stuff and is often so wrong, I just miss my old Android keypad which was so much better, IOS is worlds ahead too.

    I just hate having a locked OS, you cannot make changes, you have to wait for Microsoft to do them and there is barely any customization. I wanna download custom roms and have freedom to do what I want on my phone, it is a horrible experience going from that, roaming XDA and having fun with different roms, to going to this boring limited experience.

    There is just no content there which is the biggest failure, with IOS, at least I have so much on the app store to mess around with, on Windows Phone there is next to nothing, just a load of dated second rate games we all got tired of years ago. Most things I search for just aren't there..

    Windows Phone has a LONG way to go, I'm going back to my HTC One, Sense 5.5 is just in another league, even better than stock Android.
    02-17-2014 06:28 PM
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    How much were you paid for this post?
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    02-17-2014 06:30 PM
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    Ok thanks! Closed
    02-17-2014 06:31 PM

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