Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse review: The smoothest mouse I've ever used


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Feb 21, 2024
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BEWARE! AWCC (driver of this mouse) NOT COMPATIBLE with older Alienware Computers

If you have any computer that still runs AWCC 5.x, you will NOT BE ABLE to install AWCC 6, which is the required version for the Pro mouse and Pro keyboard.

The most astonishing part is that Dell did not even create a standalone version of AWCC for these peripherals. So, it is IMPOSSIBLE to install it on any Alienware/Dell Gaming PC that doesn't support AWCC 6.

Even non-Dell computers can have the driver, but not Alienware users… What a shame!

This is a truly amazing mouse; I bought it, and it has many great features. However, making the driver impossible to install on any “older” Alienware/Dell gaming computers (even Aurora R13/R14 and earlier of course) is completely deceptive and unbelievable.

Dell has implicitly admitted that the mouse (and the keyboard from the same range) presents a defect of conformity (France / EU laws). I have been in communication with them for several months, with plenty of evidence to support my case.

This is even worse than what Apple does. This is true planned obsolescence.

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