1. josipogo's Avatar
    On my Lumia 920, whole day, at top of glance screen it standing missed phone call (phone number). First of all this is the first time to see it this feature, meaning that at glance screen is shown detail notification for what is chosen via lock screen setting, and second that detail info do not want to goes away under any circumstances like is another missed call or similar notification that is shown at lock screen.
    Does anyone experiencing same issue?
    03-10-2014 10:55 AM
  2. josipogo's Avatar
    Come on folks, I cannot believed that know one experiencing same issue. Any idea or clue what could be wrong?
    By the way, does anyone beside regular notification on glance screen that are below clock has detail notification as it missed call on top of glance screen? Of course on Lumia device.
    03-11-2014 02:03 PM
  3. Blkacesvf41's Avatar
    Do you want these notifications or not? If not go into settings then Glance and change them. For a missed call opening the phone app makes it go away.
    03-11-2014 02:11 PM
  4. josipogo's Avatar
    The issue here is that missing call info do not want to go out of glance screen. On lock screen is cleared situation, once when open phone app (list of calls) missed call info automatically disappear from lock screen.
    03-11-2014 03:02 PM
  5. Blkacesvf41's Avatar
    Try turning off glance then restart your phone.
    03-11-2014 03:23 PM
  6. josipogo's Avatar
    That help, but as soon I have next missed call, same issue. Also, what is interesting, at glance screen is constantly info about first missed call, meaning that do not want to update glance screen with second missed call.
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    03-11-2014 03:26 PM
  7. Blkacesvf41's Avatar
    Try changing your lock screen settings then.
    03-11-2014 03:47 PM
  8. josipogo's Avatar
    It work after changing lock screen settings. It seems that glance screen is needed some push up.
    03-11-2014 05:06 PM
  9. Kamlesh Vyas's Avatar
    any way out For my Micromax win 121

    ((((((((((((((((((((((no Glance Screen))))))))))))))))))))))

    plz Help me for same
    10-14-2014 04:18 AM

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