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    Hello, guys!

    Just registered to your website and I love it, feel like home already, but that's not the point.
    So I'm planning to get a new Windows Phone device for my birthday which is on 22th March, I like the Nokia's line up devices, which would you suggest under 350 euros?
    Because I heard that Windows Phone 8.1 is coming and it will have a feature called "Install apps to SD", so I would like getting a Windows Phone device which is pretty good and has a SD Card expansion, but also a good camera. I was planning to get Nokia's Lumia 925 32GB version in my country it costs - 350 euros, but I also like the Google Nexus 5, but I have bad experience with Android, now I use LG Optimus L7, which isn't the best Android experience, been using it for 1 year now, lags like shi*, seriously, I sometimes try calling someone it just restarts on its own and I'm always like - What the hell?
    And I am clumsy. On my L7 I have a cracked glass NOT screen, so maybe a durrable device - Nokia's Lumia 920 perhaps?
    So what do you suggest?
    Going for the Nokia's Lumia 925 or some other devices which ar very good, I also like the Lumia 1320, but just a bit big for me, hard to put it in my pocket, I can imagine that, but that's no the problem.

    So thats the problem, what do you suggest guys?
    Please reply soon!
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    The only issue I have with my 925 is the lack of storage (16GB), but 32 would be enough. It's an awesome phone. Don't go for 6" if it's too big for you, though people who do get them say that you get used to it very quickly.
    720 is another great device, low-med range though, camera is no pureview, but neither is the one on 1320. It does have super long battery, it easily lasts you 2~3 days. Nokia will probably release some new phones with WP 8.1 release next month, you could wait until then to see what's new, otherwise go for 925 :D

    Nexus 5 is great phone as well, finally a nexus device with a decent camera, it won't lag as much as LG, that's for sure. I like the size of nexus 5, it's the same size or somewhat smaller then the 925, yet it packs a 5" screen (1080p as well). Either one of these is great really :)
    LG L7 has a single core cpu, nexus 5 has quad core, faster too, and no LGs skins and apps to slow it down. If you want the best of android, Nexus 5 is the right choice, if you want WP, then all phones are the best :D Get the most expensive one that still fits your budget :)
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