1. DaveGx's Avatar
    03-25-2014 07:43 AM
  2. jailman's Avatar
    I want a freakin google plus client if they dont make,youtube its fine we have better apps than it but i want gplus
    03-25-2014 07:46 AM
  3. Lance_WPCentral's Avatar
    I'm sure many developers will make good use of this. Microsoft might grab it too and re-write the YouTube client.
    03-25-2014 07:57 AM
  4. foxbat121's Avatar
    Nah. It is just a client library, not new APIs. Yes, client libraries make it easy to create apps for Google APIs but the APIs are already there. If someone wants to make certain Google apps. they don't have to wait for these client libraries. In other words, it does not make it a better than before API wise. You still can't make a YouTube client with hacking. You can't make Google Voice client without hacking, etc.
    03-25-2014 08:47 AM

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