As AI-made photos are the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Google releases imagine generation for Bard to compete with Microsoft Copilot

Mar 22, 2014
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With regards to AI photos in the headlines for the wrong reasons, there was a great example of that here in Australia in the last few days. One of our main FTA TV networks posted a picture of a female politician online and she tweeted to draw attention to the fact that the picture had been unjustifiably altered. According to the apology from the TV station, it was a stock photo of her that they ran through an AI enhancement tool in Photoshop and it turned her dress into a top and skirt that showed some skin in between and enlarged her bosom a little. It wasn't so over the top that anyone would have noticed or raised an eyebrow but I'm guessing that she knew that she didn't own the outfit shown in the picture so went to compare it to original. It's not like it made her look like a sex kitten or the like but it was still an example of unwanted and unnecessary changes that suggest that women aren't good enough as they are that would be unlikely to happen to men. Obviously, AI is trained on stuff that's really out there and things that photographers and publishers want to do, so the assumption seems to be that women always need to be made to look a particular way regardless of the context.

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