1. mihirt7's Avatar
    One of the features that was not showed at the demo or discussed in the threads is Miracast. It is confirmed.
    You can look for it over here The New Windows Phone Application Model | Build 2014 | Channel 9 around 22 min mark..!!!
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    04-03-2014 06:17 PM
  2. anon(8150199)'s Avatar
    I wonder if it'll be available on my L920!
    04-03-2014 10:02 PM
  3. jhoff80's Avatar
    Ever wanted to project your phone screen onto a PC, TV set or projector? We’ve added support for that as well—connect your Windows Phone to a compatible PC using a USB cable and you can run an application on the PC to show the phone screen. Some of the forthcoming new phones will also support wireless Miracast display to compatible TVs and other devices.
    Cortana (yes!) and Many, Many Other Great Features coming in Windows Phone 8.1

    Doubt it'll work on anything prior to the 1520.
    04-04-2014 12:42 AM
  4. bayanii's Avatar
    Icon and 1520
    04-04-2014 12:46 AM
  5. Evangelosb's Avatar
    Seems like L290/1020 will probably be left without miracast support. That's a shame.
    Regarding the following
    "connect your Windows Phone to a compatible PC using a USB cable and you can run an application on the PC to show the phone screen"
    Has anyone found more about it?
    04-04-2014 01:05 AM
  6. bashbaliga's Avatar
    Does miracast mean projecting my screen over USB/wifi ?

    There was a leak couple of months back where they projected a screen using 520, I'm confused now.
    04-04-2014 01:06 AM
  7. Xpider_MX's Avatar
    The WiFi chip on Lumia 920 is Miracast certified.
    04-04-2014 01:19 AM
  8. jhoff80's Avatar
    Any device can do it over USB. Only certain ones can do it over Miracast, which is a wireless technology.

    Also, for what it's worth, I found the talk linked in the first post to be excellent in general, about not just Miracast, but notifications, backup, etc.
    04-04-2014 01:43 AM
  9. ca_guri's Avatar
    What is meant by "compatible pc"?? Is it like something special is required in pc for using this feature via USB???
    04-04-2014 05:56 AM
  10. LillWicke's Avatar
    And there is always "Nokia Beamer" which can do this wireless now already.
    04-04-2014 09:34 AM
  11. inteller's Avatar
    Miracast is POSSIBLE on the L920, just like it is POSSIBLE on the original Surface. Microsoft is ******* UP Miracast by bringing it only to select devices.....while Chromecast flies off the shelves.
    04-04-2014 09:47 AM
  12. Kram Sacul's Avatar
    Nokia Beamer uses the web which is much slower and limited (no audio) than a direct wireless connection between devices. That's why it's more of a slideshow than full motion video. Miracast is more like the Play To app which uses DLNA.
    04-04-2014 09:47 AM
  13. xelaio's Avatar
    I bought Lumia 920 paying 1000usd (same price with iPhone 5) because I wish to use the technology of Lumia 920. I can not take for true that MS do not care about them fans who are using Lumia 920. Please MicroSoft, do something to give possibility on Lumia 920 to use Miracast technology and respect your fans! Go to favorable result!
    04-18-2014 11:15 AM

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